Easy to Read and Understand

Our inspection report is among the easiest to read and understand. We break it down into two sections: a Summary Report and a Narrative Report.

The first section is the Summary Report. Here is where you will find the concerns that are found during the inspection. We further break down the Summary report into seven categories for easy understanding. The list of categories are:

1. Major Concern – The most costly of repairs and should be taken care right away.

2. Minor Repair – Not as costly, but should be taken care of in a timely manner.

3. General Maintenance – Repairs that may have to be done on a routine basis.

4. Safety Concern – Immediate repairs necessary to prevent possible injury.

5. Cosmetic Repair – For appearance only.

6. Recommendations – Inspector’s recommendation on improving the home.

7. Additional Information – Information about the home.

The Narrative Report is where you find information (including the age) on appliances, heating and cooling systems, and other general information about both this home and homes in general.

Sample Report

Download a sample of a Hawk-Eye Home Inspection report

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