Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions. Please click a question to show the answer.

I have a relative who works in construction and will inspect my home for me. Do I still need a home inspection?2020-06-26T20:04:26+00:00

Yes. I have done many home inspections for contractors, builders, and code officials. Most people who work in construction specialize in one or two phases of construction (i.e. roofer, electrician. or framer). As a home inspector I have the experience and training in all phases of construction. I once asked a code inspector why he hired me? He put it best when he said “You do this every day. Your eyes have been trained to find the defects in a home”.

I am buying a home that is foreclosed and is as-is. Should I still get a home inspection?2020-06-26T20:04:36+00:00

I tell my clients it is even more important to have a home inspection on homes that are as-is. These homes are as-is for a reason. If you are buying a home that is as-is are you prepared for those unseen expenses (example… a new roof or HVAC system)? How about insect damage in the crawlspace? A home inspection will determine if there is any major damage that could cost the buyer a lot of unseen money or money the buyer might not have. It is better to know what you are getting into before you buy it then after you buy it.

After I have my home inspection how do I know the repairs I have requested have been completed?2020-07-14T13:26:21+00:00

Hawk-Eye Home Inspections will go back to the property and reinspect the items of repair that a buyer requests that was on the original report at an additional cost of $75.00.

What separates Hawk-Eye Home Inspections from other inspection companies?2020-06-26T20:04:57+00:00

Experience! Many of today’s home inspectors have never worked in the construction industry at all, much less on building homes. Home inspections is one of the quickest growing occupations. This has attracted many people with various backgrounds from auto mechanics to beverage waiters. Most schools for inspectors are a simple 40-hour long training program. Would you want somebody inspecting your home with only 40 hours of experience? Here at Hawk-Eye Home Inspections not only have I worked on homes for over 10 years, but I built them from the ground up.

Do you test all the appliances?2020-06-26T20:05:07+00:00

No. Hawk-Eye Home inspections test only the fixed appliances on a standard home inspection. We will test other appliances only if requested in advance.

Do you do repair work?2020-06-26T20:04:06+00:00

No! It is against the State’s Standards of Practice for any home inspector to perform repair work on a home they inspected with in the last 12 months.